About Us


Welcome to Drawn!

We’re so glad you want to know more about us. Here goes!

Born out of pure love for bold prints and vibrant colours - we proudly (and anxiously) present a collection of timeless styles that aim to please on every occasion and non-occasion.

We’re dressing the in-betweens, the “throw-something-on-and-run-out-the-door” fail proof outfit. We have one condition though - we don’t do serene, whimsical or minimal.

Still interested? Perfect, moving on!

We are big fans of all things oversized (lols), all things drop-shouldered, and definitely all things bright and beautiful.

Comfortable? Yes!
Functional? Yes!
Pockets? Wherever we could fit them in!

Easy, like Sunday morning - that’s how we like to see our styles, colouring your ‘Everyday’.

Please note : These pieces support food babies, are PMS and thigh chafing friendly, do not require too much poise, posing or styling and are best enjoyed on a Saturday and Sunday. They can also be worn on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Why not Monday? Because Mondays should be cancelled and we’re taking a stand.

Just kidding. You can rely on us on Mondays because god knows we all need a little extra time on the SNOOZE button, a little less time mulling and a little extra colour to deal with hashtag Monday Blues. Too long? We’ll stop now.

Thank you for stopping by!

Rhea Bhattacharya
Founder & Creative Director