Welcome to Drawn!

We’re so glad you want to know more about us. Here goes!

Drawn is a ready-to-wear independant fashion brand based in India. A proud pandemic baby launched in September 2020, Drawn focuses on timeless wardrobe winners with a twist. With limited edition prints, trans-seasonal standout statement pieces - Drawn aims at disrupting highstreet fashion practices with a focus on conscious consumption, a preorder shopping model to regulate production and limited runs of wearable art at affordable price points. Our collections are small but definitely pack a punch!

The foundation of the brand is built on joy - the joy of dressing, the joy of celebrating colour, happiness, art in larger than life motifs and silhouettes. The brand combines the laidback elegance and comfort of everyday essentials with a focus on unique accents like that of a dramatic sleeve detail, unexpected colour story or structural explorations that up the ante.

Comfortable? Yes!
Functional? Yes!
Pockets? Wherever we could fit them in!

Easy, like Sunday morning - that’s how we like to see our styles, colouring your ‘everyday’.

The Artist Edit

The Artist Edit showcases artwork by some incredibly talented artist, commissioned or licensed exclusively for our collections and produced as prints. It is the heart and soul of the brand, as well as the source of inspiration for our name. Wearable art that doesn't break the bank and adds little colour to your everyday.

Our Responsibility

As a small business launched in 2020, we recognise our responsibility to our planet and our people. From the very beginning, we have been very conscious of not greenwashing our way into our customer's closets. 

Are we 100% sustainable - not yet. But we're working on getting there with each collection. It is crucial to our growth as a brand. Here's where we are at so far:

-We focus on small batch production and limited runs to cut out excess production and wastage. We are not dictated by season or trend. As an upcoming brand we do not want to be weighed down by the pressures of fast production, conversion and dead stock.  Our quantities are limited. Our styles are limited.  This might mean that fewer people will have access to our products, however we do hope that pushes our customers to cherish and enjoy every piece they purchase from us. 

-We do our best to ensure there is minimal fabric wastage in our production process which is why our print placements often vary from piece to piece because we work on utilizing almost all the fabric we print on. We stick to digital printing to keep our water consumption under control.

-We manufacture with partners that do not burden us with the pressure of meeting MOQs and encourage small batch production. One of the biggest reasons brands overproduce is because they have to hit MOQ's (minimum order quantities) to keep costs in check. Our manufacturing partners are sensitive to that and believe in supporting us in building an environmentally and socially responsible business. They follow the strictest procedures in accordance with international compliance guidelines to ensure dignity of work, health and safety, and minimum environmental impact. 

-All our packaging is minimal, biodegradable and recyclable. You might miss the frills and thrills of excessive marketing material in our packages, however, we have consciously tried to steer clear of that to reduce paper wastage.

We are working on doing better every day and are hoping to be able to grow into a brand that has a positive impact!