Drawn By Neha Sahai

As part of our Artist Edit series, Neha Sahai's captivating artwork, titled "The Wonderland of Princess Pea," takes center stage. Sahai's paintings transport us to a whimsical world where wildflowers bloom freely, forests whisper ancient tales, and unconventional love stories unfold—like fish enamored with birds or moths drawn to moons.
Her art captures a serene, unhurried existence, a world untouched by mechanization. It evokes an era where the greatest joys were found in the simplest of things—the earth's scent after rain, the beauty of untamed flowers, the laughter that echoes through the air, the stars' gentle glow, and the exhilarating feeling of being wild and free.
Welcome to the the wonderland of princess pea, where fish fly happily in the sky and play hide & seek with the clouds while she dances around the flowers as the perfect summer sun kisses her cheeks and makes her glow, a world where a fish can fall in love with a bird and need not worry where they live.” -Neha Sahai