Summer Siesta by Tanya Timble

Drawn by Tanya Timble, the Summer Siesta print joins The Artist Edit with the Tigress as the central character.
The most fascinating part about Tanya's works are the layers and textures she brings to her subjects. Looking at 2022 as 'The year of the Tiger', our tigress comes lazing in lilies, watching the day go by, with a glint in her eye and the cutest heart for a nose. Our moodboard for this print was Tanya's Instagram feed.
A self taught illustrator based out of Jaipur, a lot of Tanya's works are inspired by traditional indian miniature paintings. She takes her colour inspirations from the city of Jaipur. As you scroll through her Instagram feed, the first thing that will catch your eye are the women that cover her page - they are resilient, strong and so unique. They exude power but there is a sense of calmness to their fierceness and that's how we saw our tigress, beautifully captured by Tanya.
"This artwork is inspired by optimism post covid - things are opening in full bloom, people are now appreciating nature more than ever before. It makes you hopeful for a brighter future. The vibrant colours mark the true essence of summer, and the elements of nature; flora and fauna depict balance and co-existence in the print" - Tanya